Wednesday, 19 February 2014

On Different Road…


It’s already a month since I have started new job at new company. Oklah, boleh survive. Though ada few policies yang I felt so ridiculous and not so humanly (for me lah, maybe ok for others),  in terms of work-wise - as expected. Learning, but definitely not struggling. Of course first week rasa something different and a bit ‘lost’ (due to different environment), but as the tasks grow, I become better. Life goes on, as some people may said. Past few weeks, when discussing with few colleagues about certain policies yang I have not agreed to be implemented, at the end, when we observe that staff kat situ can compromise and stayed in the company and survived ( either willingly accept the policies or not). After a while maybe dah adapt dengan culture, environment and policies kat situ.

I still have not shown my full potential. Now tengah nak balance dengan new arrangement with my family. Baru sebulan, kan? Sometimes, rasa nak stay cam ni for a while, until I am ready ( more like when my kids dah grown up). Environment kat sini memang different, head of department sangat sibuk dan memang always working late ( I mean if balik everyday pukul 9pm memang kira lambatlah, kan?). Meetings always have to be done beyond working hours for the heads. So if the situation continues like this, terpaksalah I bertahan few years without promotion sebab my kids are growing and need more attention. My Senior Manager pun selalunya balik lambat because nak support the head if she needed anything for the ‘big bosses’. But he doesn’t have small kids to go back to ( dah at his 50s so what do you expect?). He is actually not a supporter for “staying back late = good employee” as opposed to my head, but because he is answerable to my head, terpaksalah he stayed back most of the time.  Good thing he will ‘kacau’ his staff yang tak stay back ( come on lah, working hours end at 5.45pm, but most of the time Helang pun balik around 6.30pm, what do you expect?).

So I quietly prayed that for these few years (5 years maybe?) he will still be around as my superior. And I quietly wish that I can prove to the head that staying back late does not necessarily mean you’re a good staff – my ‘azam’ is to meet all the deadlines of the tasks but at the same time not staying back late. Talk about efficiency. Kelakar. Why do I even need to have a posting for this? Oh, yes. This is what I felt at the moment. Different environment, different culture, different in everything.

Oh, do I need to mention that I write this post while accompanying my son in the hospital? Talk about ‘free time’.